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Immigration Compliance

 As the co-author of the book, I-9 and E-Verify Handbook, 2d ed., and the author of a widely respected weekly immigration compliance blog, Bruce Buchanan has the knowledge and experience to represent companies in all types of immigration compliance matters, including:

  • ICE Inspection/Audit Defense- If Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) serves your company with a subpoena/Notice of Inspection (NOI), Bruce will defend you in response to the NOI/subpoena. Due to his successful outcomes for employers, usually obtaining a warning notice rather than hundreds of thousands in penalties, Bruce has had the privilege of representing employers all over the United States who are the unlucky recipients of an ICE NOI/subpoena.
  • Notice of Intent to Fine - If your company receives a Notice of Intent to Fine (NIF) setting forth how much in penalties that ICE is assessing, Bruce will represent you in negotiating with ICE on a lower fine amount and/or litigating the matter before OCAHO. Bruce has been VERY successful in achieving large reductions in penalties over ICE’s penalties sought in the NIF.
  • Immigrants and Employees Section (IER) Complaints – Bruce will defend your company if you receive a complaint from the IER concerning citizenship status discrimination or document abuse. These are serious matters before the IER of the Department of Justice. 
  • No-Match Letter from Social Security Administration (SSA) – In 2019, we have seen the return of no-match letters from SSA. Bruce helps employers navigate a game plan for dealing with this issue and avoiding ICE from finding an employer has constructive knowledge of workers’ undocumented status.
  • Internal I-9 Compliance Audits – Bruce is available to audit your company’s I-9 forms. Did you know that over 75% of most companies’ I-9 forms have errors? The audits can be conducted in two ways – (1) we review all of your company’s I-9 forms and draft a spreadsheet setting forth the errors; or (2) we review a sample, about 25 to 33%, of your I-9 forms to determine the types of errors being made and draft a spreadsheet setting forth the errors. In each case, we direct you on the proper way to make the corrections. (You can actually do further damage to the I-9 forms with errors by correcting them wrong.) While conducting an audit of your I-9 forms, we will draft an immigration compliance policy to meet your company’s needs. If there already is one in existence, we review it to determine if it is up-to-date and covers the necessary areas of compliance.
  • Training Seminars/Webinars – Bruce is available for training your staff on I-9 compliance and/or E-Verify either in-person or through a webinar. 
  • I-9 Compliance Certifications  - Bruce is available to provide a certification that your company is in I-9 compliance, after conducting an I-9 audit, if a company that you do business with requires such a certification.

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